Chuck aka The Famliy Man...

This half of the Whatevaman Podcast was born in L.A. and raised in Houston. Started partying in '97 while in the Marines and I haven't stopped yet. Meet Jerm a couple of years after I moved to Austin and we've been ripping this town apart ever since.

5 Things About Me

  • My favorite drink is whiskey... formerly a shot and a beer guy, now a double on the rocks gentleman.

  • My favorite books are "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" & Plato's "The Republic" but my favorite author is definitely Bukowski.

  • My favorite movie is "Malcolm X" but I'll watch any John Carpenter flick (except "The Fog") whenever given a chance.

  • Gamer since 3 yrs old and comic book nerd since 7yrs old.

  • Truth is, if you heard I did it... I probably did that shit.

Jerm aka Ric Flair...

Out of North Carolina, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall... it's Karate Chop AKA Coke in the Pocket AKA Coke on the Blade AKA the Dove Springs Danger AKA the Riverside Rampager AKA the Osirus of Oltorf (cause I was killing'em out there) AKA Mr. "Give-Your-Girl-a-Thrill" Gill... but you can call me Jerm.