Tuesday, July 21, 2020

What Reputation? - tWMP Ep. 72

We back at it... I usually don't do this but this shit went all over the place so I'm giving y'all some time stamps. 00:00:00 - Jerm starts firing about COVID 00:09:00 - We briefly talk about the Kany Rally 00:10:20 - Nick Cannon's recent controversy 00:20:00 - Jerm reminds me I haven't done the "Intro" 00:21:00 - Jerm goes on a rant about his job 00:57:00 - Chuck rants about "Entrepreneur & Motivational" Twitter 01:07:00 - Some how we end up talking about Noah's Ark 01:15:00 - We then rant about "Men & Women" (something to do w/ periods) 01:19:00 - Chuck rants about the difference between Money and Value 01:24:10 - Jerm has to take a shit so Chuck fills time. I shout out the sponsor and my fellow podcast brothers. I say RIP to John Lewis and CT Vivian. I play the clip of Kanye talking about Harriet Tubman. 01:29:45 - Jerm finally returns from taking a shit 01:30:00 - Jerm reveals he is at 200lbs but doesn't think he looks or feels any different. We riff on fat shaming for a bit. 01:32:00 - Jerm tells a story about a chick he was hooking up with 01:37:00 - Jerm tells a story about a friend back home. We get into a convo about male insecurity. 02:02:50 - We talk about the Tory Lanez / Meg the Stallion shooting 02:07:00 - "What Reputation Do I Have Chuck?" 02:26:30 - We get into Smokey Robinson's hot new single "Gang Banging" 02:29:00 - Jerm somehow starts talking about Dr Sleep and Jake from Statefarm 02:29:50 - Back to "Gang Banging" 02:33:00 - We talk about this past weekend UFC and little more about combat sports overall 02:40:50 - Jerm discusses his plans to make some weed infused wine...

Monday, July 13, 2020

Jerm Gave Up Porn_tWMP_Ep. 71

Jerm and I are back on the mics for the second week in a row and boy did we get back to our old ways... 3 plus hours of that ol' Bullshit! Jerm let's us know why he gave up porn, we give our takes on Will & Jada, we talk about the cops, we talk about Black Lives Matter and Jerm wraps it all up with a story about a recent acid trip.