Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Skidaddle All Over Her Facial - tWMP Ep. 66

Jerm and I don't record podcasts totally sober often... this was one of those times. It started off on some fairly serious topics and went completely left about an hour in. We start comparing our favorite porn stars to one another, then imagine which rappers would make the worst porn stars, I (Chuck) tell a story about the only time I felt shame watching porn and then Jerm tells a story about hiding in the shower while his friends mom takes a shit. The WhatevaMan Podcast is judgement free zone....

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Stripper Twitter... Who Knew? - tWMP Ep. 65

Eureka we have found it! Stripper Twitter is the best Twitter and shout to @_htxbeauty on Twitter... she is the way and the light! Jerm & I talk about the greatest contribution social media has provided to the world... "Stripper Twitter". We get into a couple other topics but I honestly don't remember much about it.