Sunday, June 24, 2018

And I Kicked Her In The Titty... - tWMP Episode 45

Chuck is back from vacation and we get right to the bullshit. We talk about the fuck shit going on in society and really talk about the toxicity of social media culture and why people choose to do dumb shit or say wild shit for likes. Of course xxxTentacion recent death comes up, we touch on Tekashi and the danger of trolling and beefing in the street. Chuck tells a story about his high school days. We pay our respects to Vinny Paul from Pantera. Then the a power outage happens and we have to end to podcast. We finally play our voicemails! Thanks to Jared from the #HashtagBlackout Podcast and B.Rob from Random Ramblings w/ Rob. Go to…?coupon=WhatevaMan ... use the Promo Code "WhatevaMan" to get 10% off.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Podin' @ Benders - tWMP Episode 44

There were mics, there were drinks and a podcast was created from the best bar in the City of Austin. Jerm & I finally made it happen. It was a good convo... come fuck with us!