Sunday, December 31, 2017

tWMP Ep. 37 Ahh Shit... This Still Recording w/ Max Mordieb

Man we got it in on the last day of 2017... Podcasting greatness was created this night. Fuck With Us! My kinfolk, the poet, the emcee and P.A. representer Max Mordieb came thru and hung with us so we had to turn the mics on. We recorded this after the Cyborg v. Holly Holm: UFC 219 at around 1am on the Dec 31st... enjoy this surprise NYE episode. We got into the impact of Hurricane Harvey, Music, Artistry and of course sex starved older ladies looking for the "D". We also got a live recital from the man himself. Easily one of our better episodes. It got real TEXAS in this bitch... Enjoy! Check him out on: IG: Twtr: FB: Look for his Mixtape/EP "$essions & $ections" which will drop on and all streaming platforms in Mid-January!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017